20 things to say

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I found this somewhere (I basically copy and paste these things then come back to them a month later, when I can't remember the sources), and though it isn't book-related, I thought it would be fun.

20 things I want to say to different people. These people will not be identified. You will read this, and then you can go and write a list of things you want to say to other people.

1. I miss the person you were three years ago.
2. Thank you for believing in me.
3. I think the highlights in your hair make you look ridiculous. I will never tell you this. I’m just going to wait for your hair to grow out, and try and avoid laughing every time I see you until then.
4. I think you’re going to regret what you’re doing now when you’re older, but I don’t know how to communicate this to you without offending you.
5. I’m sorry that I told you I was gay so that you wouldn’t ask me out.
6. I completely misjudged you.
7. I think you’re awesome, but I know you’d feel uncomfortable if I told you that.
8. I wonder where you disappeared to.
9. You try too hard. You were more likable when you acted like yourself.
10. I wish you dressed better, and I feel bad when I wish that, because I dress terribly myself.
11. I forget how beautiful you are because I see you every day.
12. Your support means a lot more to me than I think you realise.
13. You’re not fat, and I wish you’d stop telling everyone that you are.
14. I’m afraid that you’ll die before I do.
15. I envy you, and I feel terrible about it.
16. Brown is not your colour.
17. I was the one who wrote on your poster. I’m sorry. It was stupid. I was twelve.
18. You think you’re a lot more grown up than you really are.
19. I’m really sick of the way you treat me.
20. I wish you’d have let me cut your hair.
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