The Greatest Blogger in the World by Andrew McDonald

Monday, September 14, 2009

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Whoa, Steph, someone wrote a book about you already?”

Alas, no.

The Greatest Blogger in the World is about Charlie, a boy with big dreams. He’s planning on winning the Greatest Blogger in the World competition. He has a little brother who always wears a tuxedo to kinder. His best friend is running an illegal red cordial business at school. He’s got a crush on a girl he calls ‘the Boots’. His pet is a duck named Barcode. Obviously, he has a lot of stuff to blog about.

I’m going to be entirely honest: I loved this book. It was ridiculous. It was hilarious. There was mystery and intrigue – strange posters put up on the noticeboard, a disappearing Unshorn Merino. There’s a crazy principal (which everyone can relate to, I’m sure) and corrupt school monitors.

The characters are fantastic. Charlie’s best friend, Phattius Beats, is illegally selling things at school – red cordial and lemonade and zoetropes. The Boots is a teacher’s pet who photographically documents everything that happens at school. Cardboard trying to be bad but who is unfailingly polite. And of course Charlie’s brother Joshua, wearing his tuxedo to kinder.

I think this book is intended for a slightly younger audience. It didn’t matter to me because I have the maturity of a ten-year-old boy, but I’d recommend it to kids between nine and thirteen, and older readers’ if you like silly, irreverent stories.


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