Novel-editing stats.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Current word count: 54,585.
Number of euphemisms: Too many.
Number of clichés: Too many.
Number of uses of the f-word: 7. (Not by me. In the book.)
Number of uses of the word ‘glance’: 57.
Number of improperly used semi-colons: A lot.
Number of Harry Potter references: 2.
Number of Eckhart Tolle references: 1.
Number of times listened to Sam’s Town by The Killers: 37.
Number of Post-It note reminders written: 23.
Number of times Semi-Pro watched: 3.
Number of books in to-read pile: 13.
Number of litres of water drunk: An awful lot.
Number of pieces of toast eaten: Too many.
Number of seasons of The X-Files watched: 1.
Number of days of editing so far: 4.
Number of times listened to Bear In The Big Blue House soundtrack: Too many.

What are you reading / writing / editing right now?
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