Advice for Aspiring Authors, from Twitter

Sunday, January 3, 2010

In response to 'What advice would you give to an aspiring author?'

"Pick apart movies with your friends - what works, what doesn't? Set realistic goals. Blog! And connect with authors. Read a lot. Obv." - Penni Russon / eglantinescake

"The first draft is for you and nobody else. Play, experiment, have fun, and see where it takes you." - Lisa Schroeder

"Just write. Don't write and edit at the same time. You can edit later once the words cool down." - Amy Gray / Amoir

"Don't let anyone talk you out of it." - Courtney Summers

"If you are bored with your own writing, you can bet your reader will be bored as well. Write what you are passionate about." - Gabrielle Wang

"Don't be afraid to be ridiculously ambitious. If my life is anything to go by, it sometimes pays off!" - Chris Morphew

"New writers need networking - festivals, writers centres, readings, join a critique group - get into the life." - Susanne Gervay

"Put it on paper. Your story doesn't exist until it's words on a page! Change them later if you need to but just WRITE THEM DOWN!" - miss cackle

"Keep your audience/readers in mind as you write (and especially when you read over your writing and edit)." - Rebecca Newman / alphabetsoupmag

"Read everything they can get their hands on. Read,read, read. Analyze what you like about your favorite writers." -
Paul Crilley

"When dealing with publishers and booksellers be the professional, not the artist." -
Fiona McLennan /

"Don't look at other books for inspiration; look at the world around you. Take from real life, not from its imitation." - AudryT

"The best advice I've ever received is to be politely persistent (as in, don't give up, even if they tell you no)." - Amber Forbes

"My advice to aspiring writers: quit aspiring, start writing!" - Sam Downing

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