How To Write A Novel (For Real)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

String a whole bunch of words together, probably somewhere between forty thousand and a hundred and forty thousand words. Have characters, a plot (make sure it's made-up, otherwise it's non-fiction). Use adverbs (or don't). Don't listen to all the rules everybody tells you (or you can, if you want). Write as slow or as quick as you like. Outline or wing it. Rewrite it a million times or once. Don't think that because something works for another writer it'll work for you. Figure out the novel-writing methods that work for you and write that way. Every writer is different. Every novel is different. Don't think for a second that your writing, your novel, means less than that of someone with an agent or a book deal or ten New York Times bestsellers. Don't be dissuaded by others. Write your novel in whatever way works for you. It's just a whole bunch of words strung together. And it's not easy for anyone. It is overwhelming. Other writers feel the way you feel. It's bizarre, I know. I'm sorry I don't have all the answers.
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