See me at Melbourne Writers Festival!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

So if you're a Melburnian (or an Australian writer, really) you would definitely know that Melbourne Writers Festival tickets went on sale yesterday! Hallelujah! Anyway, I thought you might be interested in seeing me there! Send me good vibes so I don't stuff up and start babbling about how much I love my mum (which I do, but people get kind of tired of hearing about). Here's when and where I'll be appearing:

August 30
Virgin Voices: Girl Saves Boy
Steph Bowe
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10am - 10.45am
Tickets $6
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First-time novelists take the stage every morning this week, revealing the books that have catapulted them to literary success!

Sixteen year-old Steph Bowe kicks off, with her debut sensation Girl Saves Boy, a tale of love, loss and garden gnomes.

September 1
Colonising the Internet
Shirley Marr, Steph Bowe
Festival Club View map »
11.15am - 12pm
Tickets $6
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Before Shirley Marr or Steph Bowe’s books had even been released, they’d both built massive communities on the Internet, sharing their work and ideas with people all over the world.

They talk today about the new space for creativity that the Internet affords us, and share their tips for finding-and sharing-the best new writing on the internet.


I am especially looking forward to the panel with Shirley Marr! (She's the author of Fury.) And guess what else? My book will have been released by then! And actual real people (like yourself or someone like you) will be reading it!

That scares me out of my mind. Not quite as much as sharks scare me out of my mind, but close.
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