Me! On TV! ME!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I just remembered that I forgot to tell you all about this!

I was on Channel Ten's The Circle on Wednesday morning, chatting about my book. It was extraordinarily surreal, and I was absolutely petrified beforehand (what if they ask questions I don't know how to answer? Or I forget how to speak? Or I faint?) but the crew and the hosts, Chrissie and Yumi, were all lovely, and a make-up artist did my make-up and hair (I look so glamorous!). I am so infinitely grateful that I was invited on (it was actually kind of fun... once I got over the being absolutely terrified business!). (I saw Kaz Cooke in the green room and the set is smaller than it looks on TV, I think, and it was so strange seeing myself on the camera while it was filming!)

If you want to see me, go to: - then click 'The Circle' then 'Steph Bowe Wed 25 August' (you might have to scroll down a bit).

For those who couldn't get it on the above link (international folks!), here it is on YouTube (thanks Tempe for the link).
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