Express Media Awards Extravaganza

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Friday I went to the Express Media Awards Extravaganza and it was quite excellent. Prizes were awarded to the Write Across Victoria prize winners, John Marsden prize winners and a few others - including me! I won the inaugural award for Outstanding Achievement by a Writer Under 25 in 2010 (and I got a matchbox car! Woo!). They also launched the latest edition of Voiceworks, Technicolour (which in reality has a bright orange and blue cover that is a lot more vivid than the one pictured above, it's pretty special), which I have since read and is filled with all kinds of awesome. It was a lot of fun, and the stories and poems read out by people (the youngest was eight! his poem was about an alien!) were pretty amazing (buy Technicolour, and you'll see). There's lots more photos of the event on Express Media's Facebook page!

John Marsden & I.
Bel Schenk, Express Media's artistic director, & me.
My matchbox car.
Me giving a speech.
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