I'm seventeen now!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I turned seventeen on Tuesday. I was going to do this post on Tuesday with a picture of my cake or something, but since I a) forgot, because I am terribly forgetful, b) didn't have a proper cake (but I did have muffins and cake at a restaurant and jelly, ooh-la-la!) and c) was very terrifically busy on my birthday itself (I went on a plane trip from Queensland back to Victoria, and then had lunch!) - it seems I haven't got around to letting you all know till today. Saturday! The week has slipped away from me. And I thought the words in the image above were very true, so I decided to include that image instead of one of cake. I hope you aren't disappointed.

You may have noticed I've been particularly absent from the blog over the past few months (remember when I was such a busy little blogger bee that I blogged almost daily? It's just a distant memory now, but I assure you, it's happened!), mainly due to holidays and working hard (it's always one or the other!) and time in the real world speeding along at an alarming rate, with me struggling to keep up. That's the trouble with the real world. You can't just disappear for a week, or a month, like you can with the internet.

And another contributing factor to my bloggy holiday (though the whole time I was away I kept thinking, oh! I should blog! I feel terrible about this!), is that I have had no idea what to blog about! I haven't been getting much reading done lately, so no reviews yet... suggestions for blog topics are very welcome!

SO! I'm now seventeen! (I do not feel seventeen. I imagined I would be glamorous. It seems I am not.) I plan on having a magical year, filled with fun and adventure, and lots of reading and writing and living and yummy cake to come! I hope you plan on doing the same. The remaining ten months and three weeks of 2011 will be grand!
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