Somerset Writers Festival

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(This blog has been much neglected due to huge amounts of schoolwork - plus I fell a bit behind while speaking to the awesome students at Somerset - but finally, here's a post! And I have plenty more posts planned! I promise!)

I recently had the absolute pleasure of being part of the Somerset Writers Festival. It was held from March 16 to 18 at Somerset College, and it was just an absolutely brilliant festival.

I can be a pretty nervous public speaker, but the kids in the audience were so lovely and attentive and had lots of questions, it was pretty fantastic. It was also so, so wonderful to meet all the fabulous authors, though I only got to hear a few of them speak.

It was so much fun to be a part of. Much thanks to Andrea, Karen, Georgie, Michael, Weston, Adam and all the other brilliant organisers and volunteers and talented students for such a fantastic festival experience.

Plus, pictures!
The bookshop and signing tables. So many kids! Sue Whiting is signing at the front. One of my sessions in the Performing Arts Theatre.

The lovely Fiona Wood speaking in one of the marquees. These girls later ran up to me after a session to let me know that I'd done really well (I think they noticed I was nervous). Really sweet. A fab panel with Dan Ducrou, Rebecca James, Fiona Wood, myself and Molly Ward as chair. My excellent minder/introducer-person Weston. Signing books!

Speaking in one of the marquees.

Clare McFadden reading 'the Flying Orchestra' with a great band of students and lots of enraptured 7-year-olds.
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