Voices on the Coast festival

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A quick post to let you know that last week I had a brilliant time at the Voices on the Coast literary festival - I got to go to a very literary dinner, speak to heaps of very attentive and interested students and chat to lots of wonderful authors.

Huge thanks to the fantastic Kelly Dunham, the mastermind behind the whole festival, who just did an amazing job. Thanks also to the wonderful students and teachers at Immanuel Lutheran College, and to the many fabulous volunteers (including the ever-patient Clint the bus-driver), the wonderful audiences and all the other lovely authors! Sometimes being a writer can be lonely, but sometimes it is just the greatest (though pretty exhausting) thing ever - this festival, obviously, was one of the awesome times! So glad to have been a part of it.

Now, photos!

Signing books! To my right is the lovely Kate Forsyth!

One of my wonderful introducers at the festival, Abbey!

Lots of photos of the signing tables! In the last one you can also see the fabulous Richard Newsome and Oliver Phommavanh!

Speaking to Year 8s at Immanuel Lutheran College!

Lovely view from my hotel room. Sunshine Coast ftw.

A media crew kid who did an excellent job, me and my other awesome introducer, Milly.
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