Notes in the margins

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I love it when you borrow a book from the library for school and all the relevant passages have already been underlined, all the pages you’re meant to read are dog-eared, and there are notes in the margins that match the questions you’re meant to answer.
It’s like someone knew you were going to pick it up. It’s like we’re all connected a little bit, if it’s only through notes in the margins of library books, notes and lines that shouldn’t be there, that librarians forbid, but are.
It’s like, if you look hard enough, we all have a common purpose.
I’m just not sure what it is.

(I wrote this in April 2009. Due to my obsessive deleting/throwing out of my writings, I don't have a whole lot from the past few years apart from things on the internet & novels I thought were decent enough to keep. So it's nice to rediscover little snippets like this, things I actually like. You should mark up an old copy of your favourite book, highlight the lines you love, underline the best passages, write love letters to the characters in the margins and leave it somewhere. I wonder who will find it.)

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