I'm going away!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I will be overseas and internet-less for the next fortnight, and won't be able to update the blog again till mid-June. All emails/faxes/messages in bottles/etc will be promptly responded to upon my return. Someday they will embed the internet inside our actual brains and we will all be able to psychically communicate with one another, but between now and our Matrix/Terminator mash-up future, it is nice to be able to disconnect and go on a holiday!

(I plan on doing a lot of writing. Hold me to that. Email me and ask, 'Finished the next book yet, Steph? I'm waiting.' It's even better if you actually are.)
If you are thinking: 'I would very much like to read some Steph Bowe ramblings, how will I survive without these glorious posts?' here are some older posts from the blog that I quite like that you may not have seen yet! Also you are probably not thinking that.
So long! Farewell! Auf wiedersehen! Goodbye!

P.S. Young Queensland writers, check this out. The State Library of Queensland's Young Writer's Award is open till July 13 for those lovely Queensland writers aged 18 to 25. Write a short story, for there are monies and memberships and workshops to be won!
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