Your help wanted!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm compiling a frequently asked questions page! So please! Let me know what questions you think would be relevant/interesting/you are curious to ask yourself! (Preferably writerly or readerly questions.)

I am thinking of including standard things like 'where do you get your ideas?' (A: Daytime TV.), 'what advice do you give to young writers?' (A: Take up accountancy, I have enough competition already!), etc. (Obviously my actual answers will be non-sarcastic.)

I do wonder how often does a question have to be asked in order for it to count as being asked frequently? Can I blatantly lie and pretend that people frequently ask, 'how, Steph Bowe, did you get to be so awesome'? (I am not sure whether that question mark is correctly placed. There are too many punctuation marks for me to know how to use them all properly.)

I will not be including questions like 'What was your favourite cartoon character when you were ten years old?' because that's oddly specific and not frequently asked, or asked ever, but if you want to know these things, I'll answer in comments or in another post. And of course, the answer to that question is Hamtaro!

I feel like the appearance of Hamtaro has improved this blog dramatically.

So, please! Questions! For my page of Q&A! (I'm obviously feeling very self-important. I'm trying to avoid pretension. Sometimes kids want to write reports about me for school and I think a FAQ page would come in handy. How do you pronounce FAQ? What an awkward acronym.)

(If you have any topics you want my rambly blogging opinion on, I always appreciate suggestions! I have had blogger's block. Is that a thing? But I am always happy to share my opinion on something, so suggest away!)

(I overuse brackets terribly, I'm sorry.)
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