Live blogging while editing my book

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

  • Why is my syntax so bad? 
  • Why did I decide to become a writer? 
  • I don't understand what this symbol means. 
  • I don't understand how to use semi-colons, but I'm going to use them anyway! Damn you, correct grammar! 
  • I really don't like these characters. They have so many feelings.
  • Why did I decide to write this book?
  • Everyone who says I'm a good writer is lying to me, I just know it.
  • There are too many exclamation marks.
  • Why did I think that was funny?
  • I'm just confused now.
  • Imagine how terrible the reviews will be.
  • What is this book even about?
  • I really do not like these characters.
  • I should just kill them all off in the end!
  • I already did that. No one liked that draft.
  • Why are there so many pages?
  • How do people who write decent-length books manage to edit them?
  • Is it possible for overthinking to overwhelm my brain and make it shut down?
  • Who invented the em-dash? I don't like them.
  • How do other people manage to write actual good books?
  • There must be a secret.
  • I bet J.K. Rowling made a deal with the devil.
  • Can I make a deal with the devil? I promise to give up the internet in exchange for becoming a literary genius.
  • Didn't work.
  • I've heard the words 'show don't tell' so many times now they've lost all meaning.
  • Will this process never end?
  • There's only like three hundred things left to change. I can do it!
  • I should just take up accountancy.
  • Books are totally overrated anyway.
  • This is probably a coma dream anyway.
  • People are dying of starvation right now and I'm worried about not being a good writer. Shame on me.
  • Once this is finished, I will never even think about this book again. 
  • (Apart from when I have to convince people to read it.)
  • (And apart from the next round of editing.)
  • (Okay, I will have to think about this book again. But it will be painful for me.)
  • This is all Gutenberg's fault. Thanks a lot, Johannes.
(Editing makes me lose all rational thought, clearly.)
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