Girl Saves Boy in Dutch!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's titled Gered door een meisje, which according to Google Translate is Dutch for 'saved by a girl'. I like it. Here is the cover!

(Also if you put the blurb through Google Translate, it says, about me: "She still lives with her ​​parents in Queensland, Australia." Which is true, but it just sounds funny. The wonders of Google Translate never cease.)

You can have a read of the Dutch blurb on the publisher's website, Meulenhoff Boekerij (if you're a Dutch reader I think you can buy it through there) (Do any Dutch people read this blog? I don't know! It would be cool if you did). 

Have I mentioned how absolutely marvellous it is to have my words translated into a language I don't speak, for people to read in a country I've never visited? Because it's really very marvellous. I'm pretty lucky.

(Sometimes the rest of the world doesn't seem real when you haven't visited very much of it. A lot of places can seem like little more than ideas and stories.)

(How ridiculously cool would it be to visit a bookshop overseas and find a translation of my novel there? Really ridiculously cool. Let's put that one on the to-do list.)
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