Best feeling ever: Seeing my novel as a finished book!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

This is really one of the most exciting bits of all: All This Could End in the flesh! (Well, not flesh. Paper?) It is incredibly pretty. It's really finished! Soon people in the world will be reading it! (This is actually terrifying.)

There's a nice little blurb from Gabrielle Williams (author of Beatle Meets Destiny and The Reluctant Hallelujah) on the cover, and here's the whole thing: "This book has one of the best 'hook-you-in' starts I’ve read in a long time. Steph throws you right in at the deep end with this crazy family who are headed for disaster, like it or not. She’s expertly woven a thoroughly original crime caper into a story about ‘outsider’ teenagers connecting with each other against all odds. Stand back, world, Steph Bowe is a serious talent." 

And here's some of the first review! From Junior Bookseller & Publisher: ‘I am in awe of Steph Bowe. Her second novel, All This Could End, is so confident and perceptive that it is difficult to believe its author is only 18-years-old. Her outstanding evocation of what it is like to be on the verge of adulthood demonstrates a degree of self-awareness that most writers achieve only with the benefit of hindsight…Sophia Pretty is a particular highlight; a pathological mother figure with a flair for emotional blackmail who, while exaggerated, is sure to have teenage readers everywhere nodding in recognition.’ 4 stars

Only a month till it's in bookshops!
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