Things I think about that I wonder whether other people think about

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I wonder whether television and stories and movies are actually good for us, or whether humans have trouble differentiating between the real and the unreal on some deep level and as a result we are all unhealthily infatuated with people who do not exist.

I wonder whether any great books actually exist or we are all just fooling ourselves that certain works are particularly profound because the idea of there not being greatness to aspire to or some meaning inherent in some particular words is just really depressing.

I wonder whether everyone walks around all the time feeling like an alien, but pretending like they fit in fine. I wonder whether someone might have done a psychological study on this. I wonder whether anyone thinks about asking 1000 people 'Do you walk around all the time feeling like an alien?' for the sake of science. I wonder if we are a nation of 20 million weirdos but no one will admit it.

I wonder whether, had I been able to choose before being born, I would choose to be a human. I know if I were a human I would choose to be me, because my life is comfortable and easy but I am not so rich I feel guilty all the time, but I think I may have chosen to be a preying mantis or a salmon or a germ instead.

I wonder whether I believe what I believe because I think I should believe it, and do what I do because I think I should do it, and whether any aspect of me is anything other than a product of everything around me and everything that has happened to me. I have possibly read too much Chuck Palahniuk.

I wonder whether achieving great things and being remembered is really important at all, whether maybe the important bit is just being a kind person day-to-day. What's the point in being remembered and admired once you're dead? You won't really be there to enjoy the adoration.
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