I am no longer a teenager. How very odd.

Monday, February 3, 2014

This is me bein' all reflective and wistful and stuff 'cause it's my birthday. *I'm actually still a teenager in this picture.
On Saturday I turned twenty (so did Harry Styles, incidentally. We're possibly long-lost twins. I think I have better hair). Of course, you know, I'm taking everyone else's word for it. I don't remember being born. Maybe I arrived five months ago and the aliens just implanted memories in your brains and photo-shopped pictures for various albums. Anything's possible.

This getting older thing is incredibly weird, always happening without me noticing. I can remember being a kid and thinking of twenty as an age of distant grown-upness that I could never quite imagine myself reaching. I can also remember being a kid and thinking older students were incredibly mature. It turns out grade four kids don't seem that big once you're a grade four kid yourself. For the longest time I believed sixteen to be an age of utmost maturity, largely because that was when all the important things happened in books - that's the age you find out you're a cursed fairy princess, or you fall in love with some babe, or at the very least you are a super cool teenager with a car who goes to parties. Of course none of these things happened to me. Fiction is full of fibs, it turns out.

I feel like I am actually a five-year-old and I've been involved in some sort of Freaky Friday body swap with a full-grown person and I'll be able to get back to my real life - drinking pop tops and making abstract art finger paintings - after a series of comic events. I'll let you know if this works out for me.

So, I'm no longer a teenager. It's odd. I was never especially good at being a teenager, but I don't think I'm going to be especially good at being a twenty-something either. Not to worry. Very confident I'll be an excellent eighty-something, just need to make it to eighty first.

Despite my lack of traditional teenage narrative (I still lack a license, I really don't party, I get along fine with my family, I didn't have a proper high school graduation or any formals/balls/those dressed-up events where you stand around being awkward), my teenagerdom was really pretty wonderful. So much wonderfulness I can't even recap. You know all those weird people who say 'your teenage years are the best of your life!' when you're a teenager and you really don't want to hear it? Well! Here's to proving them wrong. I reckon proper adulthood is going to be fairly awesome, too.
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