What's age got to do with writing?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Being a good writer has nothing to do with your age, explains author Steph Bowe. She highlights the benefits (and pitfalls) of being a young writer and explains what ingredients make up a great piece of young adult writing.

Here's an interview with me on ABC Splash! Hopefully it inspires you to write! If you're not already writing! Which you should be! I think this is my favourite line: To get dialogue right for her characters, Steph does a lot of eavesdropping on public transport and on busy streets, which she admits, with a laugh, "is mildly creepy".

Also, remember this: "Just because you're a younger person writing, it doesn't mean that your work is automatically rubbish. Anyone's first novel is obviously not going to be as good as their second novel or third novel. People grow as they write and change, and I don't think you can ever really reach a point, reach an age, reach a level of writing, where you can publish your first book and have it be this flawless masterpiece."
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