Brisbanites! Book launch for YA novel Clancy of the Undertow - December 4!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm very excited to be helping launch Christopher Currie's first Young Adult novel, Clancy of the Undertow, at Avid Reader bookshop on Friday, December 4! (Not this Friday, the one after.*)

If you a) live in or near Brisbane and b) love YA (or just novels in general, really), you should come! This is what Clancy of the Undertow is about:

Awkward, titless, something approaching hopeless. That’s how Clancy describes herself. Harsh. But in a town like Barwen you only have to be a little different to feel like a freak. And Clancy, with a moderately dysfunctional family, a genuine interest in Nature Club and a major crush on the local hot girl, is packing a capital F.

As the summer begins, Clancy’s dad is involved in a road smash that kills two local teenagers. While the family is dealing with the reaction of a hostile town, Clancy meets someone who could possibly - at last - become a friend. Not only that, the unattainable Sasha, by far the coolest person in town, starts to show what may be a romantic interest.

In short, this is the summer when Clancy has to figure out who the hell she is.

For more info and to RSVP (which you should - book launches are an A+ way to spend your Friday night), head to the Avid Reader website!

(And for more info on the book, check out the publisher's website. HOW GREAT IS THE COVER.)

*Assuming you are reading this around the time I am posting this. If it is 5000 years in the future and you are a robot cataloguing the internet, you have missed the book launch. I am sorry, future robot.
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