Stella Sparks!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Stella Prize, for which I am thrilled to be a Schools Ambassador in Queensland, today announced their Stella Sparks campaign.

The Stella Prize is a major literary award celebrating Australian women’s writing, and championing diversity and cultural change. It also seeks to provide role models for schoolgirls and emerging female writers, and bring more readers to books by women. It's just all-around excellent.

You can become a Stella Spark by donating to help support the Stella Prize to celebrate Australian women writers. Apart from warm, fuzzy feelings, there are lots more good reasons to donate - check out their website for the details.

You can also share your own #StellaSpark: "a book by an Australian woman that struck a spark for you, igniting ideas, creativity and a passion for great writing. Take a photo of your Stella Spark book or share the story of why you chose it across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #StellaSpark."

It's an awesome campaign. (My main struggle is picking just one inspiring book by an Australian woman writer.) For more information and to take part, check out their website.
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