:: How To Write A Novel.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Writing is a form of therapy. Sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose or paint can manage to escape the madness, the melancholia, the panic fear which is inherent in the human situation." - Graham Greene.

I forget how impossible this is. I forget the voice in the back of my head telling me what a hack I am. I forget the suffocating feeling of self-doubt. Of course I love writing, of course it's something I can't not do. But it's not the writing that's so painful. It's all the time I'm not writing, when all the doubt creeps in. And I hate it.

I always feel like I've forgotten how to write a book. I wish I had documented writing the last one, figure out how I did it. Writing a book feels like trying to walk down a hallway in the dark except the walls move around and staircases appear out of nowhere and I keep stubbing my toe and cursing. Not that I curse. But I can curse in these metaphorical situations.

So obviously I have an insane amount of admiration for everyone else out there trying to do the same thing, and not bitching about how hard it is like I am. To everyone who is writing or has written a novel, you are brilliant. Even if it never gets published, or read by anyone else but you, it's a wonderful achievement. You've created something amazing and unique - imaginary people, whole worlds - out of nothing but your own head. It's like magic. Now, tell me - how did you do it?

Are you writing a novel?
What's it about, and where did the idea spring from?
Where did you start, and where are you at right now?
How do you feel about your writing and yourself as a writer?
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