Girl Saves Boy

Friday, April 2, 2010 the title* of my novel debuting in Australia & New Zealand this September! You can now add it to your to-read shelf on Goodreads! (It's being pubbed in the US mid-next year.)

Expect a summary soon... if you want to guess what the book's about, feel free to comment and tell me! (Hint: there are no zombies. There are, however, teenaged prodigies, a lobster kidnapping/emancipation and a girl saves a boy's life, as indicated by the title).

I also now have a snazzy author profile on Goodreads. And you can follow me via my Facebook fan page, too! (I'm such a professional.)

And guess what else: I started Hey! Teenager of the Year one year ago today!
In that time I've:
I've been generally shy and weird and funny in an uncomfortable way and accidentally offended people and really tried to be a good person but kind of messed the whole thing up. And made friends and lost friends and been really unhappy and really happy and lived with a wonderful family and been massively stressed out. Felt like I'm missing out. Felt blessed. Tried to make other people happy. Tried not to be a pessimist. Written and read like a crazy person. Probably been a crazy person or at least acted like one. Probably this paragraph didn't make sense.
*That's definitely the title it will have in Australia & New Zealand. It might be different in the US, and I'll let you know when that title is decided on.
So how's your year been so far?
And what would you guess 'Girl Saves Boy' is about? (No aliens, either, by the way. Or else it would be 'Alien Saves Boy' or 'Girl Saves Alien' and I'm trying to steer clear of plotlines similar to that of X-Files. Not that I don't love X-Files.)
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