Monday, April 19, 2010

Teenagers today are exactly the same as teenagers yesterday and ten years ago and a hundred years ago. Teenagers are, have always been and will always be, sarcastic/awkward/jaded/obnoxious to their parents. There are exceptions (Steph Bowe, you, your kids). It has always been hard to be a teenager. It is not harder in 2010 than it was in 1985. I mean, come on! It's hard to be alive. There's like school, and work, and writing a novel... and taxes. TAXES! Except most teenagers don't have to do those.

Everything you are going through right now - every crappy thing, every fantastic thing, every unrequited crush - someone has been through before. Millions of people have been through before. Someone else is experiencing the exact same emotion right now. Human beings are like snowflakes, not that we melt or that we're pretty, but that we're all different but still effectively the same.

Okay? So when you feel uncomfortable and when people put you down and when you think that no one will ever love you know that that is not true. Everyone feels like this at some point or another and it's all going to be absolutely fine. I can't guarantee that because I haven't lived to that point yet but I've got a good feeling about it.

Also, note that no teenager gets as much action as teenagers in books do. Namely the teenagers in Steph Bowe's books. You're going to read my book and you're going to think to yourself, Steph Bowe, you are so living vicariously through fictional characters. And yes I do refer to myself in third person a lot. It makes me feel like a real person rather than a figment of my own imagination.

Today I got bound proofs! (They are like ARCs.) I got two of them. I want to give one away but my mum won't let me. I know. This is like the point in the publishing process where the book gets sent out to Important People Like Famous Authors and other cool folks and I start to feel like a legit author. Okay, so I don't think I'll ever feel like a legit author.

If you have any questions about the Publishing Process or how to refer to yourself in third person without seeming like a tool (yeah, that's not possible), ask! Ask away!

I am still planning to do a vlog. I still haven't decided what about. I also have numerous book reviews coming!
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