Monday, April 19, 2010

Gracie is shy, quiet and loves iguanas and hiking. Savanna is outgoing, loves shopping and boys. Savanna is one of Those Girls, and Gracie is not, but somehow they end up best friends. That is, until Savanna starts cheating on her boyfriend (making Gracie lie for her), cancelling things at the last minute and being totally self-centred. Gracie's a bit of a soft-touch, though, and stays loyal to Savanna because of their friendship... but will she ever stand up for herself? Will Savanna realise the error of her ways?

What I love about My Worst Best Friend is that it takes a very simple premise, and makes it work really well. It's a situation many teenage girls (and boys... and adults...) can relate to. And it was executed so well - so much humour and written in a way that makes it a quick, easy read.

I had difficulty with Savanna as a character. I mean, I didn't like her from the start. I couldn't understand why Gracie was friends with her. Why she kept lying for her... Savanna was irritating and mean and just, ugh. I think a lot of girls who have had fallings-out with mean friends in the past will definitely be able to relate and understand why Gracie does the things she does... but sometimes it was frustrating to read. I would have liked to have seen things from Savanna's perspective..

But Gracie was a fabulous character! I loved that she loved iguanas and cared about the environment and was a tomboy. Cooper, too, was a fantastic character. In fact, I found every character in the book except Savanna absolutely awesome - funny, unique and believable...

I recommend this book to younger YA readers, girls twelve and up. It focuses on themes of friendship, trust, and the importance of being true to yourself. It's a realistic and fun read.
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