Happy New Year!

Friday, December 31, 2010

It's been a big year for me in terms of writing success - having my first book published, writing another two, promoting the book, experiencing wonderful reviews and not-so-wonderful reviews and lots of highs and lows and plenty of days of something in the middle - and it's been surreal and pretty great. And since being published has always been the main aspiration of mine, I'm still figuring out now what to do next (writing more books! and hoping beyond all hope people want to read those, too!).

On a personal level, I haven't changed much. I'm still in the same place I was last year, but maybe in a slightly different headspace. Only a little different. Everything is different and everything is the same. I've got hope for the new year. (I plan on blogging more next year, and writing more, and going-out-and-living-life more, and being more, and being happier, and being a kinder person, and expressing my love towards people more, and so many more things. And caring less about things that don't matter.) I don't think I've grown up all that much. I think I'm less shy. I've had a bunch of new and scary and thrilling experiences. I hope that this year I've had a positive impact in the lives of those around me.

The people around me - family and friends - have been wonderful to me, this year, as always. And you folks have been pretty awesome too. Thanks for your support. Thanks for being wonderful. Thanks for reading my blog posts and book, thanks for lovely comments and chats on Twitter and Facebook friendship. You have no idea how much it means to me (a lot).

So basically what I said last new year is what I want to say to you again this new year (with the year updated, of course!):

Have a lovely night, even if you're just staying at home. I hope you have a wonderful 2011. I hope you feel better about yourself. I hope you feel alive. I hope that good things happen to you, and I hope that when the inevitable bad things happen you can handle them and learn a lesson and move on. I hope you know you're not alone and I hope you spend plenty of time with your family and/or friends and I hope you write more and get a seven-figure book deal. I hope next year no more celebrities die and I hope you get an iPhone if you want one. Or maybe a pony. I hope someone writes a song for you on Valentines Day that's a bit like Hey There Delilah, and I hope they have a good singing voice, or at least one better than mine. I hope that you accept yourself the way you are, and figure out that losing 20 pounds isn't going to magically make you love yourself. I hope you read a lot. I hope you don't have to almost die to figure out how valuable life is. I hope you find the perfect nail polish/digital camera/home/life partner. I hope you stop being jealous of others. I hope you feel good, about yourself and the people around you and the world. I hope you eat heaps of salt and vinegar chips because they're the best kind. I hope you accomplish all your hopes & dreams & aspirations and are blissfully happy & get married to Edward Cullen/George Clooney/Megan Fox/Angelina Jolie (delete whichever are inappropriate) & ride a pretty white horse into the sunset & I hope it's all sweet and wonderful because you deserve it because you did well this year in the face of sparkly vampires/great evil/low self-esteem.
So. Have a happy new year. I wish you a good night and a good year and a good lifetime.

I wish you happiness and love and success in all parts of your life. You deserve it. Have a wonderful new year, and know that you are loved and important and that 2011 may very well be the best year of your life so far.

And please, tell me about your New Year's Resolutions!
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