The Rosie Black Chronicles: Genesis by Lara Morgan

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rosie Black is on the run to save her family and uncover the truth.

Five hundred years into the future, the world is a different place. The Melt has sunk most of the coastal cities and Newperth is divided into the haves, the “Centrals”; the have-nots, the “Bankers”; and the fringe dwellers, the “Ferals”. Rosie Black is a Banker. When Rosie finds an unusual box, she has no idea of the grave consequences of her discovery. A mysterious organisation wants it – and they’ll kill to get it. Forced to rely on two strangers, Rosie is on the run. But who can she trust? Pip, the too attractive Feral, or the secretive man he calls boss? From Earth to Mars, Rosie must learn the secrets of the box. Before it’s too late.

I didn't expect to like this one, but I did - there was space travel and conspiracy theory, which I'm always a fan of, and though it took a little while to warm up and for the real story to get going, once it did, the plot was well-paced and interesting. The plot is great - which I won't say much of, because it's good to read not knowing what will happen next - and despite serious subject matter it's a lot of fun. I think the novel's weaknesses mainly lie in character development - on occasion, the dialogue and character behaviour becomes a little unbelievable.

This is perhaps related to my overall dislike of third person (I mean, really, it's just so impersonal. I want to know what everyone is thinking in great detail.), but I felt that particular events that should have been very significant and emotional for Rosie were brushed over and she seemed in parts a bit emotionally detached. However, it is a far more plot-driven rather than character-driven novel, and it remained pacy and enjoyable and mostly realistic (well, you know, for a novel that's set in the distant future and partly in space!).

Overall, it's an enjoyable, fast-paced read, and though it's sci-fi it's not so hardcore that teen readers who are not fans of sci-fi won't be able to enjoy it. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series! It's definitely worth picking up if the blurb sounds interesting to you.
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