2012 Books I Am Ridiculously Excited For

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Queen of the Night by Leanne Hall
This is out in March, from Text Publishing. It's the sequel to This Is Shyness, which was unique and dark and fantastic, and the cover is gorgeous. Plus! Sinister blurb:
The dark is dangerous. So is the past. So are your dreams.

For six months Nia—Wildgirl—has tried to forget Wolfboy, the mysterious boy she spent one night with in Shyness—the boy who said he’d call but didn’t.

Then Wolfboy calls. The things he tells her pull her back to the suburb of Shyness, where the sun doesn’t rise and dreams and reality are difficult to separate. There, Doctor Gregory has seemingly disappeared, the Darkness is changing and Wolfboy’s friend is in trouble. And Nia decides to become Wildgirl once more.

Preloved by Shirley Marr
There's an official-like blurb for this book (check out Goodreads), but I prefer Shirley's description: 'It's a ghost story. It involves past lives. It's about a modern teen girl and a dead teen boy from the 80s. It's more a bad romance, less of a love story. And it's more abnormal than paranormal! Since it references the 80s, it might also have stonewash denim and a Choose Life t shirt in there somewhere too. I hope it's funny and dark and sweet in its own indie way.'

That cover! The eighties! Past lives and dead folks! I am very much looking forward to reading this. I loved Marr's last book, Fury (review here - and author interview!), and I dare say this looks even more awesome. (Shirley has a very cool book review blog called Books on Marrs, too. She rates in Mars Bars!) It's out April 1st, from Walker Books.

The Reluctant Hallelujah by Gabrielle Williams
"But there I go, getting ahead of myself. Skipping straight to the part where I was front-page news and they were calling me Dorothy, instead of starting at the beginning . . ."

When Dodie's parents go missing just as final year exams are about to start, she convinces herself they're fine. But when the least likely boy in class holds the key -- quite literally -- to the huge secret her parents have been hiding all these years, it's up to Dodie, her sister, the guy from school, and two guys she's never met before, to take on the challenge of a lifetime. So now Dodie's driving -- unlicensed -- to Sydney, and being chased by bad guys, the police, and one very handsome good guy.

1. Brilliant cover. 2. How weird and delightful does it sound? The Penguin Between the Lines blog promises: 'A wacky Weekend at Bernie's style roadtrip. A secret body in the basement. Parents missing. Final days of high school. Only Gab Williams could come up with such an imaginative plot like this, that sounds crazy but when you're reading feels normal and natural.' It's coming out February 22.

Blood Storm by Rhiannon Hart
The sequel to Blood Song (which was all kinds of brilliant - Zeraphina is a very cool protagonist), coming in August 2012 from Random House. No cover yet, but here's the blurb:
"The rain wanted to be ocean; the ice in the mountain caps wanted freedom. I never knew that water held such longing. The clouds above my head rumbled like a growling wolf, impatient to release their burden. I held the rain there a moment longer. I turned to Renata, heard her gasp and knew my eyes glowed blue. I spoke a single word. ‘Rain.’

In the Second Book of Lharmell, Zeraphina and Rodden must travel across the sea to find the elusive ingredients that will help them to win the coming battle against the Lharmellin – but shadows from Rodden’s dark past may come back to haunt him. And while she learns to harness her new abilities, Zeraphina still fights the hunger that makes her crave the north – not to mention avoiding her mother, who wants to see her wayward daughter married to a prince at all costs.

I am not usually this inclined to read fantasy novels, but I'm a Rhiannon Hart fan.

Kiss Chasey by Fiona Wood
There isn't a cover or blurb yet for this, and I think this is a working title, too. But I loved Six Impossible Things. I don't know when this is coming out! Lack of information makes me all the more curious. Also I like the title. I like it a lot. Pulchritude is another title I've seen for it. Not as much of a fan of that title.

The Howling Boy by Cath Crowley
'A mystery and a love story, with dual narrators.' Cath Crowley does dual narrators brilliantly (see Graffiti Moon and A Little Wanting Song). No cover yet. I'm waiting, Pan Macmillan.


This is a very condensed list. I have a lot more where these came from. What books are you ridiculously excited for this year? Look, I used big font. Do tell.
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