Things people have googled that have led them to my blog

Friday, February 24, 2012

People google a lot of strange things. And sometimes they end up here, probably very disappointed. Here are some of the odd things that have appeared in the fun little 'Search Keywords' feature in the past few days, when I have been procrastinating by looking at stats.
  • 'nudist teen' - I don't think I ever used the word 'nudist' on this blog, so I don't know how that led here. I am a big fan of clothing.
  • 'girls never understand what a boy wants to say' - Those dastardly girls!
  • 'glamour senior citizen couples' - I'm not sure about the 'glamour' or 'couples', but the senior citizen thing is basically my greatest post ever.
  • 'how do you love someone who is incapable of being happy' - Some of these really depress me. I googled this to see what page this blog comes up on, but then I got sidetracked on 'Sociopath World' and that was interesting. There is someone who is a psychopath in the manuscript I'm rewriting at the moment but someone just being crazy for no reason isn't really excusable in a novel. I'm working on motivation and so forth. I also want to open an amusement park called Sociopath World now.
  • 'how to get laid as a teenager' - I don't know? I think whoever clicked over here was disappointed.
  • 'cake for writer' - The gloriousness that is this.
  • 'teen girl truths' - Truth: People are weird.
  • 'do you know me' - No, I don't. Who are you asking? The internet itself? It doesn't have a consciousness, FYI.
  • 'relationships are stupid' - This post is the third link when you google 'relationships are stupid', which they apparently do quite frequently. I maintain my stance on the issue.
  • 'lazy people' - Of course, when people search for this, I come up. Google doesn't think very highly of me.
If you have a blog, what kind of weird things have people googled that have led them there? (And how does this mysterious Google machine work?)
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